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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Canberra, ACT

Summers in the Canberra, ACT area can be hot and humid, and that means that the people living and working there need air conditioning service, air conditioning installation or air conditioning repair.

Making sure your reverse cycle air conditioning system (also called split system aircon) is essential to your home’s level of comfort as well as being an important aspect of your home energy bills.

If your system isn’t running to the best of its abilities it could be consuming more energy than it needs to and not providing the comfort it should.

Call Bliss Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for a Free Estimate on installing a new Hi-Efficiency air conditioner today. Selecting an air conditioner for your home is a big decision, and it’s an important investment today.

It will also play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come.

When the summer heat is at its worst, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable cooling comfort possible.

Air Conditioning in Canberra’s Cold Winters

In the summer, air conditioning is a must. But in the winter, when temperatures plummet and the cold kicks on, does that mean you have to forgo your comfort? Not with modern air conditioning technology.

Today’s air conditioners can be programmed to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter. Some can even be set to different temperatures depending on the time of day. So if you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, investing in an air conditioner is a wise decision.

When the weather in Canberra is frightful, your air conditioning can be so delightful. Air conditioning in winter is a great way to keep your home comfortable and cozy. Even if it’s cold outside, you can stay warm and toasty inside with the help of your AC unit.

Servicing Your Air Conditioning Unit

There are a few things you can do to make sure your air conditioning is working its best in the colder months. First, check your filters and make sure they are clean. Dirty filters will reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and could cause it to break down.

It’s important to make sure your air conditioning is serviced regularly to keep it running efficiently and to avoid costly repairs.

An air conditioning service technician will check the refrigerant levels, clean the coils, and check for any leaks. They will also test the compressor and fix any problems they find. Regular servicing can help your air conditioner run more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills.

If you’re not sure when your air conditioning was last serviced, or if you’re experiencing problems with it, contact Bliss Air, and we can service your reverse cycle air conditioning units for you.

How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

Why is aircon referred to as reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is simply an air conditioning unit that can cool homes in summer AND heat homes in winter. It does this by using the principle of heat exchange.

To use a simple example we are all familiar with, a household refrigerator works this way too. A refrigerator takes what little warmth is inside using an evaporator coil, and moves it to the outside of the fridge using a condenser coil in the back of the fridge. It keeps doing this until the air inside the fridge is cool enough to keep your food fresh.

The same things happens with your reverse cycle air conditioning.

A reverse cycle air conditioning system has two units: one inside your home, and one outside. This is also why it is called a split system. In winter, the outdoor unit takes what little warmth is in the air outside your home – even on a cool Canberra morning. This tiny amount of warmth heats up a liquid or gas called refrigerant in the outside unit.

This heat is then transferred to the inside unit. The inside unit constantly moves the air inside your home over the hot refrigerant, which in turn heats the air inside. It keeps doing this until the air inside your home is toasty warm.

Then, when Canberra turn hot and humid in summer, the inside and outside unit switch roles and move heat energy from inside the house to the outside, leaving your home cooler and dryer.

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Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

You can see that the main benefit of reverse cycle air conditioning is that it cools your home in summer and heats it in winter. This is great in cities like Canberra where we experience both hot and cold temperatures at different times of the year.

However, not only does a reverse cycle air conditioning unit improve the temperature of your home, it also makes your air cleaner and healthier by filtering out dust and other contaminates, including pollen in some cases.

Here are some of the benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning:

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning is more efficient than traditional air conditioning.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning can be used to cool your home or heat it, depending on the season.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning is more affordable than traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning is a great way to save energy and money.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning is healthier as it cleans the air you are breathing.

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